Textcast: Avatar and More Edition

Well it is almost time for the Xion July 2nd art extravaganza on ice held at Locust Moon Comics in Philly, and I just finished my piece last night…well the first piece that is.
Now being that I have never seen the show (I hear its great though) I went with using some of the box covers for reference for Aang (the main character) and his various looks. After seeing how his outfit works and all that Aang is, I decided to make him look like a pissed off bad ass. I penciled him pretty quickly but the photoshop was a different story. Aang has glowing arrows on him that glow a lighty bluey whitish color which was hard to capture so I had to use photoshop as well as corel painter in order to capture the glow. I think it worked nicely for the most part especially after I added a Lens flare over his right eye (his right/the viewers left).
You be the judge and lemme know what you think…

Inks and Colors
Overall I am pleased with how this turned out and hopefully everyone attending the art show enjoys it as well…
If you want to come out and support me and us local artists…heres the info…

We are also doing shows in September and November so stay tuned for more info on those! I will also be working on a 2nd piece for the show all this week that is sure to crack you peeps up…I hope.
Speaking of things that crack me up, I am pumped, tonight Futurama returns to Comedy Central and I couldn’t be more excited. Futurama has grown to become my favorite cartoon over the years since watching reruns on Adult Swim at 2am and writing papers for College. The show is better than The Simpsons and didn’t receive a fair deal from Fox at all during their 4 season run, they would change times, days, and never advertise it…it was the cartoon version of Arrested Development (another amazing show Fox canned…seriously go watch it.) and hopefully it will finally get the praise and ratings it deserves.
I will be there tonight at 10 laughing along with Fry and Bender and all my Planet Express pals and you should too…It’s a new beginning so go support it!
Another thing I am excited about is this new Transformers: War for Cybertron game that just game out on tuesday…I might have to go grab this thing soon judging from the reviews and the soundtrack it seems to be a cant miss for any fan of the original series. This video leaked out today of Stan Bush (the original artist of The Touch from the 80’s Transformers Movie!) singing a brand spankin new Transformers song for the game! You can check it out here…
 So that’s about it for now…still pencilling the book in between all this madness too! Yikes.
If I get done that 2nd Avatar piece I will post it here next week if not…well I guess you will have to come to the art show wont you!
Stay tuned!

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  1. those are awesome I think the picture of Fry is the best


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