Avatar Airbender Art Show: The Recap

A few weeks back I was fortunate to attend the premier of the Avatar The Last Airbender art show being held by The Xion Group (A group I am affiliated with). It was a good time and everyone there had amazing art work being showcased and I met a lot of great people. So let me take you there…
The show was being held at a great new store called Locust Moon, it is brand new in University City and is right in the heart of college life ( It is right across the street from a frat house). Once this place starts its subscription service I guarantee it gets hopping with college comic nerds.


The store itself has a really cool laid back vibe and even contains a video store in the back, not to mention it is also connected to a gaming store that sells items like Magic cards, Warhammer  and Heroclix stuff. If you are ever in the area go checkout Locust Moon comics at 4040 Locust Street in Philly.
Anyway lets get to the show…


Locust Moon also has a very Brave New Worldsy lobby which is ideal for holding Art shows especially because that is the first thing you see when you walk into the store.


There is also another section towards the back right by the Trade Paperback section where they can hang art as well…
I had a blast at the show and looked everywhere for my second art piece when I first walked in and I couldn’t find it…here they decided to put it right next to the cash register in the store, which I thought was pretty sweet.



Anyway here are a few of my favorite pieces at the show…


I loved this take on Aang wearing a hoodie…the blues really standout.


I really liked the piece next to it to just because of how fun it is…the expression on Aang’s face is perfect.


My buddy Shawn Alleyne (head of the Xion) did this sweet homage to The Beatles.
But my overall favorite piece has to be this one…




I guess I am a tad bit biased…


Overall it was a great time…I met a lot of really cool people including Eric Negron who is the best Hulk costumer in the east coast (that is me talking to him above)
Also a shoutout to Jersey Trash Clothing for the Sponsership, Support and the Shirt…check em out at:


So that was the Avatar Airbender show…It is going on the ENTIRE month of July at Locust Moon, 4040 Locust Street, Philadelphia.
If you cant make it out we are doing ANOTHER show in September at RKO Comics in South Philly…with the theme bein CLASSIC CARTOONS!
I already started work on a big jam piece of favorite 80’s cartoon characters which I will post up here soon, and after that I return for another show over at Brave New Worlds in November!
All these Art shows while pencilling Synergy is going to be rough but as my good buddy Jason Ellis would say…”Harden the @#$% up!”
Things are lookin’ great and they are only gettin better!
HOPEFULLY when Synergy issue 1 comes out you guys have the same reaction to it as this guy does to rainbows in my new current favorite video on the interwebs…
Dude is loving life.
Ok for real this time!

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