Textcast: Berserker Barrage Edition

So going into todays edition I wanted nothing more than to vent about my possible newest purchase but I must digress and hold off until the end because I am giddy.
But first must come some Synergy news…
I started working on postcard/promo material art and I am really enjoying how it is looking so far…here’s the progression…
Here is the original Synergy postcard (of which I have none left)
I am most likely leaving the front of the postcard the same but with facebook, twitter and possibly wordpress logos underneath the main site logo…
But for the back I figured I should put our hero front and center and maybe put some supporting characters or a villain looking menacing on there as well so we get all aspects…
That is where we are right now. Nat, Synergy and Howard Grant looking insane…I like it so much I think this would be an excellent cover for issue #4. I am going to finish up inks and I already am discussing colors with some of y colorist friends in the biz…I want this baby to pop. Unfortunately a lot of my friends in the industry just added a bunch of new commissions/projects to their daily grind thanks in part to New York Comic-Con networking. I can’t wait to get a table next year, a friend of mine went and said it was packed to the gills. Hopefully some of those people check out Synergy and get some sketches from me. I am hoping to get the postcards done and printed up by the beginning of November for the Xion show, so cross your fingers.
Speaking of the Xion show I am still driving myself nuts about which route I am going to go in this…Now I could do like I did with my 80’s Cartoon piece and do heroes and villains or game characters and comic book characters side by side like this…
   Maybe I could do an homage to Marvel VS Capcom in a similar style too, I feel like that has been done before though…hmmm.
I am still also kicking around the idea of a Halo VS Iron Man piece with Master Chief in the foreground holding an assault rifle running from Iron Man who is flying behind him riddled with bullet holes and a sticky grenade hanging off of him. I am going to work on some thumbnails tonight and make my final decision, I am running out of time!
In any case you guys should come out and support us at the show it is going to be a kick-ass time I promise.
Speaking of games and comics, in my search for an idea for the show I stumbled upon an ad for Arcade Cabinets for sale, now my entire life I have always wanted my very own arcade cabinet for my house in fact it’s something me and my brother both have wanted. Well I found an X-Men VS Street Fighter unit for sale pretty close to my house and went over yesterday to check it out and make sure it was all good and worked and whatnot…I took some pics too…
That’s the one…it needs a bath and some minor stuff but it’s price is unbelievable…I think this may be moving in soon! I can already hear the echoes of BERSERKER BARRAGE pouring through my home.
Anyway if anyone has any video game comic art ideas leave me a comment and I will gladly see what I can do!
Until next time!
PS: I am also looking into new WordPress templates so a new Textcast page may be up in time for next week…stay tuned.

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