Textcast: Evolution of a Page

I have literally worked every night this week…no joke.
It started with some more touch-ups to the pin-up/postcard/cover to issue 4 promo piece for Synergy as well as some discussions with professional colorist Terry Huddleston about adding some nice colors to it.
From there I started to scramble for an idea for my Video Game/Comic Book Art Show piece, I was going to just go with a Halo/Iron Man piece but I still wasn’t satisfied I think I just wanted to go kind of epic with this one. I was blank until my good friend Robbie said I should do some classic game characters in hero costume…BRILLIANT!
So we started texting back ideas for who could be wearing what costume…Basically the texts went something along these lines:
Mario as Superman!  Sonic as The Flash! Wario as Bizarro!
And eventually I wrote them down and got all the thoughts together, changed a few costumes around and went to work!
I started by laying out the characters we knew we finalized from the beginning and started plotting…
I figured the big circle in the top right would be for either DK or Bowser…whoever should be playing the Hulk as I was still undecided. I outlined Mario in the classic Superman pose (with gut and all), Sonic in mid run in his flash gear, Princess Peach (we have to throw the females a bone) in her Wonder Woman costume, Solid Snake in his Punisher gear looking angry and ready to shoot someones mustache off, and Captain Luigi looking ready to fight. These were the characters we thought of first from there I just started thinking and laying out as I went and filled in more blank space with more ideas as they came.
Eventually it would be my Wife who thought Bowser would be a better Hulk than DK would so I started outlining Bowser with a wig and torn up shirt. From there I thought how hilarious it would be if Kirby was a super bad-ass character like Wolverine, once I sketched it he had to stay. I also thought of the similarities between Link and Spidey and decided to combine them and add Navi (link’s fairy from Ocarina of Time) for good measure. I also thought it would be pretty funny if we had Mega Man be a Green Lantern with a big ring on his Mega Buster. From there I knew I had to put Iron Man on here somewhere but the problem I was having was with his helmet. If he is wearing his helmet, it is just a picture of Iron Man so I had to think of who could pull it off with just the flappy on the front of the helmet up. Of course I went with Samus from Metroid who else could fill out a suit of armor in video games besides her? I also added a shield to Captain Luigi to not only make him seem more confident but to fill in the weird space that was there.
Here is where I am right now. I liked the way every character looked so I went over them all with Mechanical Pencil, sharpening up the lines and adding some shades.
The next step is to fill in the top center with possibly DK as Batman or Wario as Bizarro, then add some inks and take it to the Art Show. I am also going to scan it and color it at a later time for my portfolio, or get it professionally colored who knows.
So if you are interested in purchasing this 11 x 14 piece come on down to Brave New Worlds Comics in Philly starting on 11/5 and running all month-long and check it out!

2 Responses to Textcast: Evolution of a Page

  1. Really cool idea man, anf the art came out great so far. I love Kirby as Wolverine the Best, lol. Such a great Idea, I’m sure it will do very well. Good Luck and Gob Bless Brotha!

  2. Looks awesome man! I still need a logo drawn for Angry Beaver, let me know if you have time or are interested or have any ideas. latrrrr


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