Textcast: Trick or Treat Edition

Ahh yes it’s Halloween already this weekend woo hoo!
Kids and adults get to go nuts in costumes and get drunk or eat candy…depending on the type that may apply to both.
So what better way to celebrate with some UPDATES!
Ok first…SynergyComic now has it’s own facebook fan page! So if you are reading this you should join us by clicking here! If you already did well then thanks a bunch.
Also I have added a link under the friends section on the main page for my good pals over at Jersey Trash Clothing they are big sponser of Synergy by promoting us so I will help those dudes out as much as possible whenever possible. So if you see me at a show or convention and you like my shirt, contact them on facebook or by going to their direct site.
The piece for the art show is done done done I literally just finished the inks a minute ago and it is ready to go by its October 30th deadline…It also has a title now:
Get it its like Super Smash Bros…
Meets Superheroes!
Add em together and you get…
Eventually it’s going to get some color splashed on but for now it is ready for the show! You can see it as well as purchase the piece all month long!
The show When Worlds Collide opens on November 5th and runs all month long at Brave New Worlds Comics in Old City, Philadelphia…Everyone reading this should come out there will be food, drinks, music and above all things ART! Plus you are close to all the Old City bars!
I promise it will be a good time!
In other news…to get into the spirit of Halloween I have carved my first ever pumpkin…Deprived, I know.
I got ambitious since it was my first time and wanted to do something besides the generic Jack O’ Lantern, so I made my own stencil. I decided to go with Black Costume Spidey, considering all lit up he would look dark and spooky. Overall I think I did a pretty good job for my first time let me know what you think…
Anyway thats all for me…I have to get back to working on the book since the show piece is done. The book is my primary focus now and I am going to be working on it full speed ahead…expect a new page preview next week guys as well as one last promotional post to get you guys to come to the art show. Seriously come it’s going to be fun.
Have a safe and a happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!
PS If you come to my house expect to see my sweet Captain America costume as well as a huge amount of awesome candy…perhaps you will see both at the art show as well!

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