Textcast: Light Up The Night Edition

So how was everyone’s Halloween?
Mine was good too…me and the Avengers hung out fought some crime and ate some candy…
But that’s a tale for another day…
Last week I finished my piece for the Xion Art Show (opening this Friday by the way…) and went back to work on the book.
I finished another page so for you my loyal readers here is a preview:
And when I finished that one  just kept on going and moved on to the next page which I am almost done already!
Since you are still reading here is a preview of the next page as well…enjoy:
In the third box you notice a new face…that is a small character by the name of Mr. Bluth who will be one of our main characters many Teachers. I modeled him after one of my favorite TV characters of all time, Michael Bluth played by Jason Bateman in the show Arrested Development.  Here is a comparison:







I will probably try to squeeze some kind of catchphrase in there as well…there is also some cameos on page 2 of the book but I will reveal them at a later date.
What basically motivated me was finding some amazing youtube music playlists that just about glued me to my drawing board and I didn’t want to stop the flow. Some of the songs that inspired me/motivated me to work my ass off this past week were mostly video game songs but they just fit so well with everything I was doing, some of the most inspiring ones were:




Chrono Trigger is a game I always wanted to play but never got the chance. I was listening to a youtube playlist on random when this song came on and I was blown away by how awesome it was. I loved it so much I went out and bought Chrono Trigger DS over the weekend. I am about 3 hours into it and I am finding it hard to put down…amazing game, amazing music, I love it.

This song I immediately fell for. It was perfect for the High School atmosphere I was drawing and just screamed young fun and carefree. Anamanaguchi is the brains behind the new Scott Pilgrim game for Ps3 and 360 and are expert chiptuners…whoever likes that kind of thing should check out more on youtube or itunes.

I also rocked out to a band named The Protomen (who are of course named after the Mega Man character) who created a cross between Springsteen and Meatloaf with this one and I loved every second of it.
So yeah that was my inspiration this week, I shut myself in and worked away so this weekend you should reward me for my hard work by coming out this weekend dag nabit!

The show is titled “When Worlds Collide –Comics meets video games”, and will feature work from Official Members of Xion. The show is free and open to any and everyone. In addition to that, November is also XION’S 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! and the gallery will serve as a birthday celebration. Be sure to come out and join the festivities…The show opens Friday November 5th and will run all month-long!









Plus every piece is for sale!



So you can own something as awesome as THIS:



Imagine that on your wall…your wife would love it…or it could be an early Christmas gift! All I know is I am excited and I can’t wait for this show and for all of the exciting things coming up!
 On that note, Adios from Synergy HQ. 


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  1. LOl I love Mario’s Belly, haha Good Luck at the show and I too Like Jason Bateman (Mainly Smoking Aces and Juno)Take care Bro


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