Textcast: When Worlds Collide Wrap Up Edition

This past Friday the art show to end all art shows opened in Old City, Philadelphia.
My gang of friends The Xion Group brought the house down with a packed house and blew some minds (at least I think we did)
So in case you didn’t make it to the show opening party I shall take you inside!
Come on in…










 Brave New Worlds on 2nd has a gigantic Hulk out front waiting to say Howdy to any and all customers and they get a ton of customers on First Friday.
If you have never been to a First Friday event you should definitely check it out. It is the first Friday of every month and on 2nd street and it’s surrounding areas it is a giant party where people showcase their talents in art, crafts, music and more. People set up tables on the curb and sidewalk and display their goods and tell you some info on them as you walk by. For instance one seller sold shirts with various designs that displayed the word “Love” in all different languages. So if you are ever in the area at the beginning of a month go check it out!
Anyway back to the show…












When you first walk in you got to hear the sweet sounds of local DJ Dave Proch to your left and the art to your right…
















































Xion founder Shawn Alleyne had the center of the show and his Batman piece drew everyones attention. People were blown away by it and I had to agree it was pretty awesome… 






















People either laughed, were shocked or thought it was awesome…either way it got a reaction and that is what Art is all about.
My piece received mostly laughter but thats exactly what I wanted. One girl however said she didn’t like Mario having  belly…hmmm..
Some other great noteworthy pieces…










Bucky O’ Hare Meets Starfox…Amazing detail and overall fantastic representation of the characters and their personalities.










Lego Batman and the real deal was great. It had everything and managed to make Lego Batman look just as badass as the real Batman.
The turnout was phenomenal, the place was packed pretty much from beginning to end leaving me only a few short minutes to snag an awful picture of me with my art I mean look at this crowd…


































Overall the show opening was a tremendous success and I hope more and more people check it out as it continues on all month long at Brave New Worlds in Philadelphia. Every piece is for sale so grab one fora friend for christmas, or someone who loves Starfox and Bucky O’  Hare!
Anyhoo…back to work on the main focus…Synergy!
Thanks for everything guys I couldnt be here without you.


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  1. wish i was there, i had sooo much fun at the last one. i will do my best to be there next time. Any pbr art?


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