Textcast – Hey! I Remember You! Edition

Well Hi!

It has been over a month since my last textcast and I feel like a terrible parent.

So have you been listening to the Podcast? If so WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

So far I think it’s going pretty good, Shawn, Vic, and Myself all have a great chemistry that I think shines through the show, and hopefully you guys agree.

If you havent listened yet you guys can find the Podcast on itunes or you can check out our podbean site…


If you have any other suggestions send me an e-mail or a twit or a FB message or whatever…We are all ears!


PS…I have also taken the liberty to update this weeks FLICK OF THE WEEK! One of my new favorite songs…


Lets get to some Synergy News…

I have been working my bum off lately and I have finished page 12 and I am currently laying out page 13 as we speak! 9 pages left guys…it’s almost here!

I am hoping to still meet my end of July deadline so I will be spending a whole lot of time with nothing but random youtube playlists and of course my pencil…oh myyy.

I will be updating this more often I promise, I feel like I am living in my office lately it’s pretty rough but I am not going to lie, seeing this progress being made is really making me feel like my dreams are becoming real and it feels really good. It is going to be hard to go to Wizardworld again this year as an attendent instead of a guest but next year and possibly this year in Baltimore or NYC is going to make it all worth it.


I just hope people like it…Sure making money on all of this would be pretty awesome but in all honesty, I am doing this to accomplish my lifelong dreams and if you guys are down with that I would like you to all come for this ride I like to call Synergy. Hop on load up your ipod with some Synformers and read all about it.

This is Synergy folks…Keep an eye out.


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  1. Keep it up duder! Can’t wait to see the comic book finished. And the podcast is awesome, but I still say Mr. Miagi should’ve won old soul of the week.

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