The Synformers Episode 32- Have I Seen You Naked?

Sorry this is so late (I was really sick…fever and everything!) but the trio is back and better than ever with a fun new game for you kids to enjoy!

This week we all come back together and play a game that has to do with nude scenes in movies hosted by the always hilarious Shawn Marlin!  We also cover ERIC ROBERTS NEWS, Royal Rumble stuff, UFC News, I Love You I Hate Yous and much much more its chocked full of goodness this week so check it out and enjoy!

Click below to download…

Check it out and give us some feedback…we like feedback!

Thanks for everything guys!




6 Responses to The Synformers Episode 32- Have I Seen You Naked?

  1. Why are your aspect ratios all screwed up on your pictures?

    • What pictures are screwed up?

      • About half of them. First 2 of your banner pictures. Your icon pictures for your posts are screwed up too. Kermit is squished. DLR is squished. Kevin Bacon looks okay on the front page but is screwed up in the icon in your featured posts section.

      • Oh, and if I’m manually scrolling through your banner, your muppets banner is longer than the rest so you can still see it when I click onto another banner. It’s sticking out on the end.

  2. Lemme check it out

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