Textcast: The Calm Before The Storm Edition

Whoa is this a blog entry? Wow!

Feels like it has been far too long and in reality it probably has been. So let us review…

A few months back I revamped the website and moved all of the old Textcasts/Podcasts and all the old junk over to one site where it’s totally organized and streamlined for everyones (as well as my own) sanity.  If you havent made the move from the old WordPress site come join us here I will put a link to both pages for those stragglers and you can still access the old stuff by going here.

After that I started publishing the Podcast from the site and itunes and having it all hosted under one roof, and in doing so I think the podcast has grown even more than I ever thought it would. People at shows pick up the Best of CD (which you can get by sending me an email or a message on twitter) and send me feedback and tell me what they love and what they dont love about the show, I always think if I can make one fan I am doing at least SOMETHING right…right?

Anyway the Podcast turns 1 year old on April 17th…and to commemorate the occasion I have started the celebration early by purchasing a new mixer!











So hopefully this will fix any and all audio issues we have as well as give us a chance to have guests in studio and hook up a phone line! This mixer also came with 100 preloaded voice effects like “Stadium” and “Chapel” also one that makes me sound like a girl…This should be fun.

So April 17th is the big anniversary of the Podcast…we will be doing a celebration episode that should be up around that time so stay tuned. Lastly, if you checked us out over the past year, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you one and all.

Ps…and most importantly…KEEP LISTENING!!






Now the big news on the book!

Synergy issue #1 is inked and being colored as I type this right now!

My favorite inker/colorist Barbara Gyuricza (Happy Birthday by the way…) has been working her butt off over in Hungary to get this thing out and ready to go and she sent me the full book inked last week. It looks amazing so far and I can’t wait to see it all colored and ready for lettering.  I will post some preview pages in a future Textcast so again, stay tuned!

We are hoping to have the book done and back from Ka-Blam by the end of May…why the end of May? Because I will be at Wizard World Philadelphia this year!

For years I have been saying I would get a table and I have been going to this show since 2002 and now this is it…I couldn’t be more excited about it and I hope you can come out and see me over the 4 day show…for more info (and my bio…) head on over to the official page HERE.

So the book is just about done…the podcast is turning a year old…and I am a little wiser…So what else have I been up to?

Well I have been doing some other art here and there including this Transformers Prime Bumblebee piece I did for a lady at work…










I also was having a discussion with my little Sister about zombies the other day and we started drawing zombie versions of ourselves so here is the zombie version of ME!










Also I am still doing some place mat art whenever I feel the need or desire to and did this piece at a local diner…







So I am now writing the script for Synergy issue #2 and coming up with ideas for prints to sell at the show…I have a few ideas mapped out but if you guys have any characters or art you want me to cover…let me know!

Besides all that I am also going on a Vacation!

The main reason behind this post is to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on before I leave you guys for a little…I am going on a Cruise and wont be back on here for about 10 days or so, by then the book should be colored and ready for me to test my lettering skills.

I appreciate every single one of you reading this right now…you have stuck by me this whole time and I couldn’t have done this without you watching this, listening to Shawn, Victor and my own crap every month, and asking me “How is the book coming?”  I am driven because of you and I have to thank you all…I hope you enjoy the finished product because it will be in your hands this summer.  I promise.

Until I come back from the Virgin Islands…




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