Textcast: Birthday and More Edition


Today is my 28th Birthday…CRAZY!

27 was a great year though, I mean I finished my book, I started doing a ton of shows, gained (somewhat) of a fan base, met a ton of great people in the business, went to NYCC, FINALLY got a table at Wizard Philly, continued to push the podcast forward, and just last week saw Peter Gabriel in Concert and much much more!

27 will always be remembered as one of the biggest years of my life just because of what Synergy has brought to me. My dream since I was in 4th grade was to make my own comic book, no matter how that worked be it my own character or someone elses, and when I was 27 I did it. No one can take that away from me, no matter what happens I can always say “I made this when I was 27”. Things can only get better from here as Synergy continues to grow.

I hope 28 lives up to everything 27 turns out to be and more.

28 should bring me some new things for sure as just today I am here to announce that Synergy is out in it’s first store starting TODAY!

If you are a local or in the Philly area, you can now head over to Frankenstein Comics in Woodbury NJ and get a copy!













Frankenstein is where I buy my comics every week and I have been going there for ages…Head over and talk to the awesome owner Bill and say I WANT MY SYNERGY!













Bill also has great deals on back issues all the time so call ahead if you are looking for anything else and he will let you know what he’s got!

For more info head over to his site or pop on in!

Frankenstein Comics 845 Mantua Road, Route 45 Woodbury, NJ  08096 www.frankensteincomics.com


So it’s my birthday like I said and I always like to think of Birthday Parties I had when I was a kid and gifts I got when I was young for example this picture always comes to mind…












That’s me blowing out the candles with my family and my best buddy Carmen looking lost and confused next to me.

I remember some of the gifts I got when I was young and I think I talked about this before but whatever, I am feeling nostalgic…

I remember when I was little I had a Birthday where everyone brought me WWF action figures, which I was obsessed with when I was a kid. I think the commercials had something to do with it, they always had Jesse Ventura or Rowdy Roddy Piper yelling into the camera about how awesome these toys are and why you should have every single one of them. They made sure you felt like a douche if you didn’t have them.

I think this commercial is why I still like Jesse Ventura to this day and listen to his crazy conspiracy theories.

Anyhoo, the year these things came out I was chomping at the bit for them especially Ultimate Warrior who was the main man when I was a kid, having dethroned Hulk Hogan he was the big guy in the WWF at the time.











All I wanted was this guy and boy did I ever get him, I ended up getting all the greats…Hogan, Macho King, Jake Roberts, Piper, and not only did I get The Ultimate Warrior…I got 3 of him!

My Mom wanted to get receipts from those people but I didn’t want to return them, I wanted an army of Ultimate Warrior figures, which come to think of it is downright frightening!

I still have all three to this day, some of them are covered in red marker, which was used as blood in brutal cage matches against Rick Rude or Macho King.

My least favorite of the bunch I got was this weird Hulk Hogan figure that came out the same in the same series with Ultimate Warrior.

This guy sucked…

The arms were locked in this position where all he could do was hug people…He couldn’t even do his leg drop!

Hell he couldn’t even be pinned!

What we’re they thinking?!

Anyway in closing I am 28 and still think the figure sucks and that Ultimate Warrior figure rules.

In closing, I hope that 28 brings just as much awesomeness as 27 did, I already have 2 shows booked for October and November, working on some new prints including a wrestling one that is partly inspired by these Hasbro toys, and I am writing Synergy #2!

In the end I know 28 will be great!




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