Upcoming Shows: Heroes United 2

I will be appearing at Heroes United 2 this Saturday from Noon to 6pm at The Voorhees Town Center in South Jersey…I will have prints, sketches, sketch cards and of course copies of Synergy #1!

Not only will I be appearing but a ton of great folks such as Mark Poulton (Hawkman, Koni Waves), Dexter Weeks (Koni Waves, Awesome GOW ART and more!), Stephen Sistelli and many MANY more great creators. Heck this event is so huge even Spider-Man is coming by…and you know how busy that guy is!

Even The Savage Hawkboy will be in attendance!!













So come out….have fun and come get in on the March of Dimes auction!

For more info head to the official event page on Facebook!
















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