Your Guide to Wizardworld Philly 2013/Synformers Episode 63!

Well this is it Wizardworld week…

It is always a week full of highs and lows and really tests the nerves.

This year I am sharing a table with the one and only Bryan Brown of First Fight and Monsters of MMA fame ( and we plan on taking the show by force! I have finished up 2 new prints for the show (which you can see on my twitter/fb/and instagram!) as well as numerous sketchcards to prepare. This week Victor and I also recorded a quick preshow podcast for you guys that is basically a 45 minute version of our show as well as a guide to anything and everything you need to know about the biggest show in Philadelphia.

You can get that now here…

Along with that I have also made a handy dandy map for you guys so you know where our table is and where you can find us…


(click to enlarge)












Other than that is pretty much go time folks. I think we are ready for anything.

Last year was my first time doing this and I think I am ready to go for round 2, it was the biggest show I have ever done and now it is even bigger and we are in the very front of Artist Alley. Yeesh. I hope it all works out and goes off without a hitch.

Wish me luck folks…Come out and see me!













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