Wizard World 2013 Post Show Thoughts and Photos

This past weekend was Wizard World 2013 THE biggest local show in our area. I must say it went great! I shared a table with my buddy Bryan Brown of First Fight/Monsters of MMA fame and we were busy the whole time! It had to have been the busiest Thursday and Sunday I have ever had. Oddly enough (at least for me) it seemed Saturday was busy but not many customers came out to buy at the Synergy booth. The busy Sunday definitely made up for it though. Thanks to everyone who made it out! I got to meet some of my great friends on Twitter in person for the first time like Erin Wolf and the always awesome Brian Thomer as well as see some of my great Artist friends in Artist Alley! I also got to meet some new friends (Ahem Bryan…) like cosplay artist extraordinaire, Ivy Doomkitty .  Variant Sketch Covers seemed to be all the rage this year as I had a bunch of Phillie Phanatic sketches flying off the table, I will have to remember that for future shows. I will also have to remember to bring Purell for future shows as I came down with a bit of Con Flu after the show. All in all it couldn’t have gone any better and hopefully this dynamic duo will reunite for Wizard World 2014!

Stay tuned for a full wrap up podcast with Bryan Brown coming soon…

Also kids remember this is only the first stop on the Synergy Summer Tour 2013…Next stop: July 13th Adventureland in Voorhees NJ!

I will be there selling some new prints and doing sketches along with WWE Superstar Sheamus starting at 11:30am…Come out and get some cool stuff!

Now onto the Photos by our  resident paparazzo Angela Still!







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