Synformers Episode 79- Ultimate Gwarriors

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Synformers Podcast!

First off I must say this episode just so happened to be recorded prior to the untimely death of The Ultimate Warrior. We will be covering everything in depth on Episode 80 so stay tuned.

This week Bryan G Brown of Monsters of MMA fame joins us again as we double leg takedown some wild topics this week!

This week we cover the return of Baseball and the best rants of Tommy Lasorda, Coventions, Balls, Gwar, Jeff Goldblum, Don Frye, Being a Dad, Taco Bell Breakfast and much much more.

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Synergy #1
Written by: John Still
Art by: John Still
Inks: Barbara Gyuricza
Colored by: Barbara Gyuricza
Price: $0.99
After his grandfather passes away, Chase Cassidy inherits a mysterious storage unit.
Little does he know the secret inside will forever change his life.



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