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Avatar Airbender Art Show: The Recap

A few weeks back I was fortunate to attend the premier of the Avatar The Last Airbender art show being held by The Xion Group (A group I am affiliated with). It was a good time and everyone there had amazing art work being showcased and I met a lot of great people. So let me take you there…                 The show was being held at a great new store called Locust Moon, it is brand new in University City and is right in the heart of college life ( It is right across the street...

Textcast: Avatar and More Edition

Well it is almost time for the Xion July 2nd art extravaganza on ice held at Locust Moon Comics in Philly, and I just finished my piece last night…well the first piece that is. Now being that I have never seen the show (I hear its great though) I went with using some of the box covers for reference for Aang (the main character) and his various looks. After seeing how his outfit works and all that Aang is, I decided to make him look like a pissed off bad ass. I penciled him pretty...

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