The Synformers Episode 35 – Face Off

A new week a new show! This week we discuss the hot button CM Punk VS Chris Brown Twitter war in full as well as play a new game by Shawn Marlin himself! Other topics this week include Synergy news, Tweets of the Week by the Iron Sheik, End of the World News (racist teen girls and Kanye West YAY!) UFC Predictions, Old Soul of the week PLASTIC SURGERY edition, and much much more…get it now folks!

For those who are interested in seeing the CM Punk/Chris Brown video…well here ya go!




Again a big thanks to DJ Cutman for his song Touhou Project – U.N. Owen Remix, for more on DJ Cutman head over to his website at he’s a good dude.

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*Special thanks to Kid-Liger on Deviantart for his artwork in our slide!*




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